Orange County Schools

Roof restoration makes more buildings solar ready

Secure Solar Futures brought solar power to life in Orange County. Now students are benefiting from solar arrays generating a total capacity of 2.5 megawatts of power –  nearly half of the total electricity for the facilities.

Three school campuses have received roof restoration to avoid the high cost of roof replacement, which would have been required in the next few years whether they got solar panels or not. The school division will save $16,808,583 in avoided costs for roof replacements and reduced demand for utility power over the next 35 years.

Orange County Public Schools received solar energy equipment and complete roof restoration work at no upfront capital cost through a 25-year Solar Self Generation Agreement with Secure Solar Futures. Over that term, the company will operate and maintain the solar energy system, providing the capacity for the schools to generate electricity at a cost lower than typically available from the local electric utility.

The project includes one of the largest solar arrays installed on the roof of any K-12 school campus in Virginia at the time. Locust Grove Middle School hosts an array with a capacity of 945 kilowatts that generates approximately 90% of the electricity required by the school during the course of the year. 

The decision to add solar power is consistent with the commitment of Orange County Schools to green improvements that save money, including installation of energy efficient lighting, replacing windows in all older schools, and improved HVAC controls and equipment.

Live Energy Monitoring

Below you can view current solar power production at all facilities of Orange County Schools with solar energy systems. (Please be patient as live monitoring links may take a few seconds to load):

The Challenge

Orange County Schools seek a clean source of power.

The Result

2.5 Megawatts of solar arrays provide nearly half the electric power used at 8 locations.