Photograph of the roof of a non-profit with Secure Solar Futures panels.


The power of doing good


In rural communities, when a farmer needed to build a new barn or other building, neighbors would come by to pitch in. With enough hands and good preparation, large farm buildings could be constructed in a single day through a barn raising or raising bee. LIke 18th and 19th century Amish and Mennonite farmers raising a barn as a cooperative local project, Secure Solar Futures does the same with modern technology. In the world of clean energy, a solar barn raising is a fun and innovative way to make solar power more accessible for community organizations and to build support among the group’s stakeholders. Under the supervision of experienced solar professionals, members of the community are invited to help install solar panels on the roof of a non-profit organization. With many hands making light work, a solar array can be installed in a single day.

Sample Projects

  • Overhead view of the CARITAS facility showing roof mounted solar panels.


    Housing solutions meet energy solutions

    313 kilowatts

    In 2020, Secure Solar Futures installed the largest solar power system at any facility serving people experiencing homelessness in Virginia.

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  • Two male vonuteers carry a solar panel during a

    Gift and Thrift Store Solar Barn Raising

    Tapping volunteerism to realize a solar dream

    62 kilowatts

    Dozens of volunteers from the local Mennonite community helped install the solar power equipment under the supervision of qualified installers.

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