Drone aerial photography of Locust Grove Middle School

Resilient Solar + Roof Restoration®

Resilient Solar + Roof Restoration®

One of the biggest challenges for schools, hospitals and other businesses and organizations that want to go solar on site is that their roof is not solar ready. The roof surface may need repairs before it can hold solar arrays. Or the roof may be scheduled for replacement in the next few years, requiring the solar panels, racking and other equipment to be moved and replaced at that time, adding significant cost to a solar project.

Fortunately, Secure Solar Futures now offers a solution: solar panels with roof restoration. For qualified roofs requiring repairs or facing replacement in the near future, we apply a high-quality liquid-applied membrane (LAM) that can extend the life of a roof by decades. And to prove it, we back up all roof restoration work with a warranty for the full period.

A wide aerial photo of Huguenot High School shows solar panels on roofs across the facility with sports fields in the distance.
Huguenot High School in Richmond, VA with restored roofs and solar arrays.

Our unique Resilient Solar + Roof Restoration® offering provides a 20- or 25-year solar Power Purchase Agreement or Solar Self-Generation Agreement® combined with a roof restoration carrying a warranty that also lasts 20 or 25 years. Combining these two services makes more of our customers’ roofs ready to host solar panels, which in turn, gives our customers the ability to get started with solar more quickly and to install more solar panels on their roofs.

If your roof qualifies, restoration offers several key benefits over replacing a complete roof or even damaged sections of a roof:

Roof ReplacementRoof Restoration
Tear-off of existing damaged roof sections or complete roof requires removal, haul-off and disposal of removed materialsNo tear-off and little or no waste, as existing roof material remains in place while liquid-applied membrane goes over it
Possible temporary closure of buildings or floors in between removal of old roof and installation of new roof or because of fumes or smells from application of hot roofing materialsNo disruption to building operations, as roof restoration can be applied while facilities enjoy normal use, protected by their existing roof and free of fumes or smells
A major renovation project that can take months to completeA focused maintenance project that can be completed in days or weeks
So expensive that many schools have put off necessary roof work for years, awaiting capital budget fundsSo affordable that the total cost of a roof restoration can be included in the payments of a solar power service agreement
Adds waste to landfills, contributing to negative environmental impactsAvoids waste, making it eco-friendly

Is Roof Restoration as Good As Roof Replacement?

It’s clear that roof restoration is faster, cheaper, less disruptive and better for the environment than roof replacement. But is restoring your existing roof as durable or reliable as replacing roof materials?

Yes, but only if you use a high-quality roof restoration system. Cheap coatings can lead to disappointment.

Secure Solar Futures is able to offer a 25-year warranty on our roof replacements, done before installing solar power systems, because we use the best roof restoration system available. Our advanced liquid-applied membrane, a silicone formulation, offers key advantages over commonly used roof coating products:

  • Proven technology — Silicone has been used in roofing solutions for more than 50 years
  • Long warranty of 25 years
  • No primer required, no complicated mixing — material is single component
  • Flexibility in application methods — can be rolled or sprayed
  • Moisture curing, fast dry time
  • Easy to repair by applying more of the same silicone material
  • Monolithic system means troublesome seams are no longer a factor or concern
  • Cured silicone is inorganic and resists UV rays
  • Cured silicone is not affected by ponding water — other materials are compromised by prolonged exposure to ponding water and the organic materials that it collects
  • Light color offers high reflectivity — reduces Urban Heat Island Effect
  • A viable option over many substrates of roofing materials previously used on roof – TPO, PVC, EPDM, Metal, Mod-Bit, and others.
Thin, but strong: 45-50 mil fluid-applied membrane on existing 45 mil roof membrane.

And since we merge all costs for roof restoration into the service fee structure of the solar project agreement, our customers can enjoy the benefits of a restored roof without the capital costs of conventional roof repairs or a full roof replacement.

Contact us to find out if your buildings are eligible to move roof repairs from capital to operating budgets by going solar.

Sample Projects

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    Orange County Schools

    Roof restoration makes more buildings solar ready

    2.5 megawatts

    Covering half their power demand with solar and getting roofs restored at the same time will save $16.8 million from avoided costs for roof replacements and lower electric bills over the next 35 years.

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