Drone aerial photography of Locust Grove Middle School

Resilient Solar + Roof Restoration®

Resilient Solar + Roof Restoration®

One of the biggest challenges for schools, hospitals and other businesses and organizations that want to go solar on site is that their roof is not solar ready. The roof surface may need repairs before it can hold solar arrays. Or the roof may be scheduled for replacement in the next few years, requiring the solar panels, racking and other equipment to be moved and replaced at that time, adding significant cost to a solar project.

Fortunately, Secure Solar Futures now offers a solution: solar panels with roof restoration. For qualified roofs requiring repairs or facing replacement in the near future, we apply a high-quality liquid-applied membrane (LAM) that can extend the life of a roof by decades. And to prove it, we back up all roof restoration work with a warranty for the full period.

Sample Projects

  • Students take a drone photo of themselves as they fly the craft above a school in Augusta County, Virginia.

    Augusta County Schools

    A curriculum that evolves with the sun in Augusta


    Solar panels on campus have helped Augusta County’s schools integrate clean energy into their curricula through the Throwing Solar Shade® program.

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  • Drone photograph of Orange County High

    Orange County Schools

    Roof restoration makes more buildings solar ready

    2.5 megawatts

    Secure Solar Futures brought solar power to life in Orange County. Now students benefit from solar arrays generating a total capacity of 2.5 megawatts of power—nearly half of the total electricity for the facilities. The school division will receive $11.5 million in economic benefits from avoided costs for roof replacements and reduced demand for utility power over the next 25 years.

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