Aerial view of solar panels on a building


How big do you dream?


Secure Solar Futures works with private and public enterprises to power their biggest ideas. Solar responds to rising costs and increasing demand charges from electric utilities. The realization of an independent and sustainable energy resource provides them a means to continue their mission without pause and save money to further invest in their enterprise as well. More and more companies, from the Fortune 500 on down, are recognizing the value of showing their commitment to sustainability. When they have a choice, customers will buy from companies that have shown a commitment to reducing their environmental footprint and using clean energy.

Sample Projects

  • Aerial view of the IIHS facility showing roof and ground mounted solar arrays.

    Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

    Clean energy drives automotive safety

    465 Kilowatts

    Generating its own power on-site saves the facility thousands of dollars in electricity costs and cuts 556,099 pounds of CO2 emissions per year.

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  • Sunset reflects in rooftop solar panels at InterChange Group's Black Ice cold storage facility.

    InterChange Group

    A path to a greener delivery of logistics

    4.2 Megawatts

    Producing solar energy on site helps reduce the amount of power purchased from the local electric utility, especially at times when energy demand is highest.

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    300 kilowatts

    Massanutten Resort partnered with Secure Solar Futures in 2021 in order to begin their journey of reducing their carbon footprint.

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