Two men wearing hard hats install a solar panel

Customer Stories

Secure Solar Futures collaborates with leaders in education, healthcare, government and industry to make sustainable power a reality. Stories below show how we’ve helped our customers overcome the major barriers to going solar and how we’ve helped them get more value out of clean energy.

Young boy works works on a school project.

Prince William County Schools

Leading The Next Generation to Renewable Energy

7 Megawatts

Going solar will save Virginia’s second-largest school system more than $14.3 million in energy costs over 25 years and provide students with hands-on learning opportunities.

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Apprentice solar technician wearing a white hard hat and an orange shirt.

Wise County Schools

A workforce running on clean energy

3.2 megawatts

At Wise County Schools in Southwest Virginia coal country, solar will save $7.5 million while a workforce development program trains students as solar technicians.

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Drone photograph of Orange County High

Orange County Schools

Roof restoration makes more buildings solar ready

2.5 megawatts

Covering half their power demand with solar and getting roofs restored at the same time will save $16.8 million from avoided costs for roof replacements and lower electric bills over the next 35 years.

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Students walk up the stairs to the Hartzler Library on the Eastern Mennonite University campus.

Eastern Mennonite University

The first solar project over 100 kilowatts in Virginia

104 Kilowatts

This was the first commercial-scale project over 100 kilowatts built in Virginia at the time it went live, and the largest photovoltaic system in the state.

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Sunset reflects in rooftop solar panels at InterChange Group's Black Ice cold storage facility.

InterChange Group

A path to a greener delivery of logistics

4.2 Megawatts

Producing solar energy on site helps reduce the amount of power purchased from the local electric utility, especially at times when energy demand is highest.

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Aerial view of the IIHS facility showing roof and ground mounted solar arrays.

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

Clean energy drives automotive safety

465 Kilowatts

Generating its own power on-site saves the facility thousands of dollars in electricity costs and cuts 556,099 pounds of CO2 emissions per year.

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Solar panels are shown on the roof of a facility at Collegiate School in Richmond, Virginia.

Collegiate School

The first K-12 school to install solar on campus in Richmond, VA


Collegiate’s four solar arrays installed on 2 separate campuses produce enough clean energy to power the equivalent of about 100 average American homes.

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A solar array is mounted on the roof of a parking garage on the campus of Washington & Lee University in Lexington, Virginia.

Washington & Lee University

Seeing the future in a new light

444 kilowatts

A solar photovoltaic energy system at 2 locations on campus produces enough clean energy to power the equivalent of about 450 average American homes.

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Sheep graze beneath solar panels mounted of farmland adjacent to Carilion New River Valley Medical Center.

Carilion New River Valley Medical Center

A hospital with a holistic vision of health


With a solar array doubling as sheep pasture, the project will save Carilion $16,341,921 over the lifetime of the solar array and produce an economic impact of more than $3.8 million in Southwest Virginia.

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Two male vonuteers carry a solar panel during a

Gift and Thrift Store Solar Barn Raising

Tapping volunteerism to realize a solar dream

62 kilowatts

Dozens of volunteers from the local Mennonite community helped install the solar power equipment under the supervision of qualified installers.

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Overhead view of the CARITAS facility showing roof mounted solar panels.


Housing solutions meet energy solutions

313 kilowatts

In 2020, Secure Solar Futures installed the largest solar power system at any facility serving people experiencing homelessness in Virginia.

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Solar panels are seen on multiple parts of the roof on a Richmond City Schools campus.

Richmond City Schools

Seeing the future in Virginia’s capital


Along with the installation of solar panels on 10 campuses, Richmond Public Schools received a $100,000 grant from the RVA Solar Fund.

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Students take a drone photo of themselves as they fly the craft above a school in Augusta County, Virginia.

Augusta County Schools

A curriculum that evolves with the sun in Augusta


Solar panels on campus have helped Augusta County’s schools integrate clean energy into their curricula through the Throwing Solar Shade® program.

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A photo from the rooftop of an apartment building in Harrisonburg, Virginia, shows a solar panel array.

Harrisonburg Housing & Redevelopment Authority

A Housing Authority with a big vision


HHRA’s solar power system is capable of producing over 45,000 kWh annually, generating nearly 6% of the building’s electricity needs.

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An aerial photo shows solar panels on the roof of the University of Richmond's Weinstein Center.

University of Richmond

Taking real steps towards sustainability


The campus is home to the first commercial application of SolarWorld USA bi-sun solar panels, which use both direct and ambient solar radiation.

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An exterior view of Valley Health's Cancer Center.

Valley Health

Contributing to better public health through clean energy

1.7 megawatts

To contribute to better public health, Valley Health installed one of the largest solar power systems at any hospital in Virginia at its Winchester Medical Center.

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Electric schools buses are parked in a line with a blue sky behind them.

Lee County Public Schools

Solar Helps Run 5 Campuses & Could Power EV Buses in the Future

10 megawatts

Lee County Schools is putting solar on nine campuses while piloting a project to charge new electric school buses with on-campus solar power.

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A street view of one of Calhoun County, West Virginia's public school buildings. An American flag is raised on a flagpole in front of the building's entrance.

Calhoun County Schools

Leading the way for West Virginia schools


Calhoun will be the first in West Virginia to install systems with no upfront costs through a financing option newly available in the state, a Power Purchase Agreement.

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Exterior view of Helping Overcome Poverty’s Existence (HOPE), Inc. in Wytheville, VA.

Open Door Community

58 kilowatts

Open Door Community, formerly known as Helping Overcome Poverty’s Existence (HOPE), Inc. is a human services organization that will install 2 rooftop solar arrays and an electric vehicle charging station.

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Students, faculty, alumni and community members pose for a photo in front of Sutherland Middle School.

Albemarle County Schools


Over 3,000 panels produce enough clean energy to meet 22% of 6 schools’ annual electricity requirements, the equivalent of powering 110 average U.S. homes.

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A large group of students and teachers pose outside a Bedford County public school.

Bedford County Schools

1,374 kilowatts

In addition to installing two ground mounts of solar arrays, the school district will participate in Throwing Solar Shade and workforce programs.

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An aerial view of Eastern Mennonite School shows solar panels on several parts of the roof.

Eastern Mennonite School

136 kilowatts

The project, generating enough power to meet 30% of the school’s energy needs, will prevent the release of more than 141 tons of CO2 pollution per year.

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An aerial photo from directly overhead shows solar panels installed on the roof of a Lexington, Virginia, public school building.

Lexington City Schools


The solar power system installed on Lylburn Downing Middle School includes energy monitoring and an education center with demonstration solar panels.

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An overhead photo shows a large solar panel array on the roof of the James R. Wilkins Jr. Athletics and Events Center.

Shenandoah University


Three projects produce enough clean energy to power the equivalent of about 500 average American homes and offset 472 metric tons of CO2 each year.

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A wide aerial view of one of Waynesboro, Virginia's public school buildings. Solar panels dot the rooftops.

Waynesboro Schools


The school division should save about $288,265 over the next 20 years, which can be invested in such necessities as teacher salaries and school programs.

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The front entrance of the Frederick, Maryland, YMCA facility. Steps lead to the front door under an awning.

YMCA, Frederick, MD

223 kilowatts

The YMCA in Frederick will install 1 rooftop solar array and an EV charging station, with a projected cost savings of more than $80,000 over 25 years.

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300 kilowatts

Massanutten Resort partnered with Secure Solar Futures in 2021 in order to begin their journey of reducing their carbon footprint.

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