Electric school buses

Electric School Buses + Solar Charging

The Power to Move the Next Generation

Electric School Buses + Solar Charging

Solar is now powering how we move as well as how we work and learn. Bringing new ideas to transportation is another way to shape a better future. Clean buses mean clean power, and replacing dirty diesel buses with clean electric ones is a step ahead. When schools run electric buses on clean energy they are using energy to its full potential for all.

Traditional diesel buses pollute the air outside the bus that we all breathe, but unfortunately, diesel engines also pollute the air inside a bus that students and drivers breathe.

The air inside a diesel school bus while the engine is running can be 5-10 times more polluted than the air outside the bus. This can lead to impaired brain development (and lower test scores), respiratory disease, asthma attacks and cancer. The American Lung Association which concludes that “diesel pollution from school buses is hurting our kids. Zero-emission electric buses will let them breathe easier.”

Today, falling costs for equipment and new financing have made it more affordable for schools to start transitioning to all-electric fleets. The nation’s K-12 school transportation managers are eager to convert their diesel bus fleets to 100% electric.

How can your diesel bus fleet go electric?

Overcoming the Cost to Get Started

Government incentives, especially grants from the Clean School Bus Program run by the US Environmental Protection Agency, can cover most or all of the cost of new EV buses and chargers. Other federal support, along with funding from other levels of government along with local electric utilities, can bring down the cost of going electric even further. We are happy to consult with schools about funding opportunities.


For more than a decade, Secure Solar Futures has been offering schools solar energy on campus without the high initial cost to purchase their own equipment. We’ve done it through power purchase agreements and service agreements. Now, we are offering schools the ability to add EV buses with solar power under the same financing, with no upfront cost to schools.

EV Buses Bundled with Solar Panels

Secure Solar Futures is helping schools make their transportation system 100% clean by offering EV school buses as part of a package with solar panels and electric vehicle chargers. If your school is looking for affordable ways to get more EV buses sooner rather than later, and if you want those buses to operate at their full potential on clean energy, then contact us now.

Sample Projects

  • Electric schools buses are parked in a line with a blue sky behind them.

    Lee County Public Schools

    Solar Helps Run 5 Campuses & Could Power EV Buses in the Future

    10 megawatts

    Lee County Schools is putting solar on nine campuses while piloting a project to charge new electric school buses with on-campus solar power.

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