For 2nd Year in a Row, Secure Futures Receives Responsible Business Award

2019 Best For The World: Environment Honoree

We are honored and humbled to announce that the non-profit B Lab has named Secure Futures a Best For The World 2019 honoree for the second year in a row. The award comes in recognition of our company’s positive impact on the environment, workforce, local communities, suppliers and corporate governance.

Secure Futures ranks among the top 10% of all B Corps worldwide in the environment category, earning us a spot on the Best For The World: Environment list. Whether it’s providing affordable clean energy to schools and hospitals or leading in public policy changes to enable more rooftop solar in our home state of Virginia, we seek to continuously raise the bar for responsible and successful businesses around the world. 

For over ten years, the people of Secure Futures have been playing our part in solving some of the world’s biggest global climate challenges by helping to make clean solar energy happen locally.

Secure Futures CEO Tony Smith (pictured) and other company staff volunteered time and resources to install solar at the non-profit Gift and Thrift store in Harrisonburg, VA.

Stakeholder Capitalism as a Corporate Value

To demonstrate our commitment to doing good, we went through the rigorous process of earning the designation as a Certified B Corp in 2017. We thought “why not” make it official as we were all but certified in our pursuit of the common good. The certification proved to be rigorous and comprehensive, much like going through a full audit (times three), as we were reviewed for our governance, business practices, social impact and much more.

Since the beginning, Secure Futures has set out to redefine the commercial-scale solar industry in Virginia. We innovate customer-driven solutions to allow schools, hospitals, non-profits and businesses the opportunity to pursue energy freedom through affordable clean energy. We take every chance we get to incorporate best practices into our business strategy, which is why we focus largely on converting a qualified commercial rooftop from a capital liability into an energy-generating operating asset at a sustainable scale.

Secure Futures does more than just develop on-site solar energy systems.  We work on legislation, public education and community engagement to ensure the transition to clean energy is safe, affordable and the best option for everyone involved.

We embrace  the B-Corp community’s principles of stakeholder capitalism – which means we cater to the interests of all major stakeholders rather than just investors. We seek to follow best practices in having a positive impact on our employees, customers, suppliers and communities as well as on the environment.  We try to walk our talk, and all our full-time employees are co-owners of our company.

We support a better model of corporate governance reflected in the Business Roundtable Statement in the Purpose of a Corporation. We will continue to support the B-Corp community and challenge our fellow businesses to strive for the same goals by giving the greatest positive impact on our environment, our society and our economy.

Written by: Tony Smith