Virginia has started to see a proliferation of large, utility-scale farms in rural counties across the state. While utility-scale solar will undoubtedly need to play a role in a nation-wide transition to more renewable power generation, Virginian communities understandably have concerns about large swathes of agricultural and timber land being converted to solar facilities. Luckily, local governments and communities will soon have another option to promote solar within their jurisdictions that may be more congruous with their land use goals. In 2020, the Virginia General Assembly passed SB 629, which established a shared solar program that allows customers of Dominion Virginia to purchase electric power through a subscription in a shared solar facility. Traditionally, shared solar arrays are off-site and community members “subscribe” to some portion of the array, and then they receive a bill credit proportional to the energy produced by their share of the solar system. Several groups across the state are looking to expand the program across the state into the Appalachian Power and Old Dominion Power territories.